Zenergi Interview

Nov 10, 2014


    1. For those who don’t know Zenergi, explain who you are and what you do.

      A customer service company specialising in energy procurement, invoice validation and contract management. We remove the stress from a complex industry, bringing clarity, budgetary certainty and best value to your school.

      Check out our YouTube video which will explain all:


    1. What makes the education sector to attractive to you?

      The education sector is notoriously bad from an energy perspective as it is dominated by incumbent Local Authority contracts or commercial energy consultants, that don’t understand schools. This enables us to differentiate ourselves and be truly appreciated for the levels of customer service and attention to detail we pride ourselves on.


    1. What are your biggest challenges that you come across with energy procurement in schools?

      The biggest challenge is convincing schools to take the leap of faith away from either the devil they know or the comfort blanket of a Local Authority. Once the first step is taken they never look back but as many have had their fingers burnt in the past it is a challenge to prove to them we are different.


    1. What’s your top procurement tip to schools looking at their energy contracts?

      Understand what contract you are in and what you are getting out of it. So many people want to keep consultants at arm’s length and say, energy is energy it doesn’t matter where you get it from the gas isn’t any different. However, it’s easy for us to say because we live and breathe it every day. There is so much more you can leverage from your contract and achieve on your bottom line if you will work with someone who has the experience and expertise to deliver for you.


    1. What advice would you give the schools looking to enter?

      In my experience it is easy to underestimate what a good job you do until you put it out there and realise not everyone does it the way you do. I would encourage all our customers to put their staff forward as I know what a wonderful job they do on a daily basis.


    1. Why did you decide to sponsor the Education Procurement Excellence Awards?

      Zenergi are privileged to have been chosen as the headline sponsor for the Education Procurement Excellence Awards. We always support these initiatives as much as we possibly can in line with our company ethos; especially as we understand our customer’s roles can be very isolated and unappreciated within the school operation. Everything from the venue at the wonderful Wellington College, the categories been recognised, to the format of the event itself looks like we are all set for a wonderful evening!


  1. What are you most looking forward to about the awards dinner?

    I am looking forward to understanding more about all the schools involved and the wonderful jobs they do. Hopefully we will learn something new that we can pass onto our customers as well!


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