The (not so secret) reason why entering awards is great for you and your school.

Nov 06, 2014


So, why enter awards then?  Well it’s a good question isn’t it?  I mean why waste what limited time you have entering for an award you might not even win?  Why?  Because, in our experience, it doesn’t matter if you don’t win.  Yes, you heard it here first (well probably not first) but it can actually have almost as much, if not more, impact as a finalist than if you win!  The reason for this is simple – it’s how you promote your involvement in the awards that counts.

It’s a little like the person who invents something entirely unique but doesn’t do any marketing.  They’re unlikely to sell anything as a result.  Another person is selling something that dozens of other people offer but really shout about what it is and market hard.  The same applies with awards, make no mention of winning to anyone and people will be none the wiser.  Promote the fact you are a finalist on your school website, send details to national and local newspapers and magazines, email your parents (and prospective parents) with the good news and you will get a massive amount of publicity and goodwill – even though you haven’t necessarily won anything!

In an era when there is ever increasing competition between schools (and I include maintained and academy schools in that, not just independent schools) there has never been a better time to differentiate yourself from others in your catchment area.

So why enter the Education Procurement Excellence Awards?  Well one thing that is becoming increasingly evident is the growing focus on schools achieving a ‘value for money’ result.  What better way to ensure that fee paying parents know their hard earned money is being spent well?  Likewise in the maintained/academy sector it’s such a positive message to parents and governors that the ever decreasing budget is being utilised diligently.

However, there is one reason why I personally think entering is a ‘must’ and that’s to celebrate success.  There just simply aren’t enough opportunities to recognise the phenomenal work being done by bursars and School Business Managers UK-wide and the Education Procurement Excellence Awards have been launched to address this.  Get shortlisted and your school will get two complimentary tickets to a glittering awards do in the stunning Dining Hall at the prestigious Wellington College.

So, come on, stop hiding your light under a bushel, tell us about the fantastic procurement work you’ve been doing and come join us for an evening of celebration in June!

Lorraine Ashover
Awards Director

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